Nea Skioni, Halkidiki, Greece

Nea Skioni is located in the province Halkidiki. This province is considered by many as one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. Because of the fertile ground there’s a rich flora and fauna, also in summertime. The contrast of mounts with sandy beaches makes the area extra attractive. By the particular form of Halkidiki, 3 peninsulas, there’s 500 kilometres of beach. This varies from sand to pebble. Therefore there area lot of possibilities of recreation. For them who look for rest and for those, who look fore more liveliness.

Archaeologically Halkidiki is mostly know by the cave of Petralona. This cave was found in 1959, and since then several findings were made, among the discovery of Europe’s oldest human skeleton. Thrace’s of fire were found in the cave, this proves that approximately 700,000 years ago fire was used by our ancestors.

The third peninsula is Athos. Athos sometimes, referred to Mt. Athos (the saint mount) or Agios Oros, is an unique convent state. Today there lives no more than 2000 monks on Agios Oros. Women, even female animals, cannot come here. Men who want to visit have to request six months in advance a license, this states them to visit Agios Oros for a maximum of 4 days. Daily 130 licenses are delivered. 120 licenses to the Greek population. 10 licenses are supplied to foreigners.